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RENUNGILAH... HARGAILAH SEBUAH PERSAHABATAN KERANA DISEBALIKNYA TERSIMPUL SEGALA-GALANYA… Satu-satunya cara agar kita memperolehi kasih sayang, ialah jangan menuntut agar kita dicintai, tetapi mulailah memberi kasih sayang kepada orang lain tanpa mengharapkan balasan. (Dale Carnagie)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

..:: Free Magickal Talismans ::..

This is a powerful keris that I acquired from one of the respected elders of the Javanese community. Do not scoff just because it is not the real object. Those that deride found this out to their cost. Accumulates magickal energies to one's person. Hang it on your wall with a yellow frame. Then perform the ritual.

This Solomonic talisman has various virtues. Inscribe it upon a silver-colored ring at 6 in the morning on a Friday after a fast and you will find others being affectionate to you and sympathetic to your cause. If you inscribe it upon a piece of virgin parchment 35x and then hang it above the doorway of your store, you will find the number of your customers increasing. If you write it down on a piece of parchment with Zakfaron oil and then hang it around the neck of a rooster and let it go, where the fowl scratches or pecks on the ground and then crows, there you will find treasure buried beneath the ground. The talisman also protects one against lethal weapons and psychic attack.

Construct and carry this talisman and you will see your life's circumstances improving.

The talisman above gets rid of annoying and mischievous spirits of the "Jin" variety. Simply construct it in accord with the appropriate rules and then place it somewhere in the house.

Print this talisman and hang it above and on the inner side of your front door for protection against all negative entities, forces, calamities, and intruders; also attracts positive energies which improves one's financial, and dosmetic affairs. More powerful when constructed oneself in accord with talismanic-making rules and consecrated with the appropriate ritual. See Article

Carry this talisman for success in business and trade. Draw it upon a piece of virgin parchment. It should be mentioned here that there are certain rules when writing or drawing a talisman and this cannot be stated here for certain reasons. Please refer to the various occult books on talisman making or study from a school of traditional Islamic magick.

This Great talisman according to tradition has been around since the time of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. It is said that whoever carries it has a thousand angels as companions. Carry the talisman for protection and luck. It also heals ailments. One should be alone while constructing this talisman. It is traditionally drawn with a mixture of oils consisting of Misik, Za'faron (see our oils for sale), Ambergris, and Rose water upon virgin parchment or deer/goat skin. The construction is to be done on a Thursday night after fasting and prayers.
Construct this talisman and carry it with you and you will find people being attracted to you and supporting your endeavors.


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