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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Night Journey Of MUHAMMAD SAW To HEAVEN - Part 1

17:1: "Praise be to Allah Who has taken His servant by night from the Sacred Mosque (Mecca) to the Farthest Mosque (Jerusalem)."33:56:
"Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Nabee (Prophet).You who believe; send blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation."
53: 1-18: "By the star when it sets, Your companion does not err, noris he deceived: Nor does he speak of his own desire. It is nothing except an inspiration that is inspired, which one of mighty powers has taught him, one vigorous; and he grew clear to view when he was on the upper most horizon. Then he drew near and came down till he was at a distance of two bow lengths or even nearer, And He revealed to His slave that which He revealed. The heart did not lie in seeing what it saw. Will you then dispute with him concerning what he sees? And truely he saw him yet another time by the furthest-tree of the furthest boundary, near which is the Garden of Abode. When that which shrouds did enshroud the furthest-tree, The eye did not turn aside nor yet was it overbold. Truely he saw one of the greater revelations ofhis Rabb (Lord).
Allah ordered Jibraeel to go down with seventy thousand angels to Muhammad (pbuh), and stand by his door. "Accompany him to My presence.And you, Mikaeel, take the hidden knowledge and go down with seventy thousand angels and stand by the door of his bedroom. You, Israfeel,and you Azraeel, do as Jibraeel and Mikaeel have been ordered." Then He said to Jibraeel: "Increase the light of the moon with the light ofthe sun, and increase the light of the stars with the light of the moon." Jibraeel asked: "Allah, has the Day of resurrection dawned?" Allah said: "No, but tonight We are calling to Our presence Muhammad(pbuh), the last Messenger who came after Isa (Jesus) to reveal to him a secret that pertains to Us." Jibraeel said: "Allah, what is that secret?" Allah said: "Jibraeel! The secret of kings cannot be given to the servants. Go with My order and don't ask."
And Jibraeel began his descent carrying with him the heavenly message. All the angels accompanied him as Allah had ordered, until they reached the door of Muhammad (pbuh). When they arrived, they said:"Qum ya sayyidi: Arise, my Master, and prepare yourself! Ride on the back of the buraq, the heavenly creature that will carry you on your journey to the Rabb (Lord) of power through the land of the angels!"
When Allah ordered Jibraeel to carry with him the buraq for Muhammad(pbuh) to ride, he went to the paradise of buraqs and there he foundforty million buraqs. Every buraq had a crown on its forehead inscribed with the words: "There is no god only Allah, Muhammad is theMessenger of Allah." Under it was written: "Believe in Me, in My angels, in My books, and in My Rasools (prophets)." Jibraeel saw among them a buraq who secluded himself and who sat alone crying. Jibraeel came to him and asked him why he was in such a state. The buraq answered: "I heard the name of Muhammad (pbuh) forty thousand years ago, and my yearning for him has prevented me from eating and drinking." Jibraeel chose that buraq and he took him.
The buraq had the body of a horse but the face of a human being, with big black eyes and soft ears. His colour was that of a peacock whose plumage was set with red rubies and corals, on which sat a white head of musk on a neck of amber. His ears and shoulders were of pure white pearls attached with golden chains, each chain decorated with glittering jewels. His saddle was made of silk lined with silver and gold threads. His back was covered with green emerald and his halter was pure peridot.
The speed of the buraq is according to his sight. His legs reach wherever his eyes can see. Jibraeel said: "Rasool Allah, this night is your night, and your turn has come to shine in the sky of creation.You are the sun of ancient and recent knowledge, you are the moonlight of the beauties of the worlds, the happiness of creation and the adornment of the lands of human beings and angels. You are the cup of love from the river of milk and honey. The river of Kawser in paradise overflows in anticipation of seeing you. You, the joy of all creation, the pride of paradise, the tables are ready and the palaces of heaven are waiting for your coming!"
"Jibraeel," said Muhammad (pbuh), "did you come with a message of mercy or wrath?"
"I came with a message from your Rabb (Lord) to give you a secret."
"What does the Rabb (Lord) of Generosity want to do with me?"
"He wants to shower you with His mercy and all human beings that accept you."
"Give me a moment to prepare myself." "I brought you water of paradise and a turban with a message inscribed: 'Muhammad the servant of Allah; Muhammad the prophet of Allah; Muhammad the beloved of Allah; Muhammad the friend of Allah.'""Jibraeel, tell me more about that turban." "Allah created a turban from his light and he entrusted it to Ridhwan, the angel-custodian of paradise, and the praising of Ridhwan's host of angels belonged to the owner of that turban before heaven and earth were created. Tonight, when the order came for your visit, Ridhwan took the turban from paradise, and all forty thousand angels said withhim: 'Our Rabb (Lord), you have ordered us from time immemorial to praise the owner of that turban. Honour us tonight with his sight and permit us to walk before him.' And Allah granted them what they asked.Then Allah ordered me, Jibraeel, to hand Mikaeel the precious jar of the pure water of Salsabil, and Mikaeel to give to Azraeel, andAzraeel to give it to Israfeel, then Israfeel to Ridhwan, then Ridhwan sent that water another time to the highest paradise: Jannatal-Firdaws, where all the beautiful maiden-angels washed their faces with that water and shone even more brightly. Then they sent back that water to me, and I am giving it to you."
And Muhammad (pbuh) showered with the water from paradise. As soon as it touched his noble body he became covered with a garment of subtle angelic light, and Jibraeel gave him the buraq to ride. But the buraq stopped and asked Jibraeel: "Is that Muhammad (pbuh) who is invited to our Rabb (Lord)?" Jibraeel said: "Yes." The buraq asked: "Is he the owner of the blessed pond in paradise?" Jibraeel said: "Yes." The buraq said: "Is he the leader of the people of paradise?" Jibraeel said: "Yes." The buraq said: "Is he the intercessor on Judgment-Day? "Jibraeel said: "Yes." At that time the buraq began to melt like ice and snow melt in the light of the sun. He knelt down and said toMuhammad (pbuh): "Pride of creation, ride on me; but I have one request to ask of you: Do not forget me on the day of intercession."
Blessings and Peace on Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions.


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