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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Night Journey Of MUHAMMAD SAW To HEAVEN - Part 2


When Muhammad (pbuh) began to ride he was crying. Jibraeel asked him:"Rasool Allah, why are you crying? " He said: "I remembered human beings. Are they going to ride on Judgement Day as I am riding now on he buraq, and go to their heavenly palaces in paradise?" Jibraeel said: "Yes, truely, we are going to resurrect the pious ones indelegations of riders: On the Day when We shall gather the righteousun o the Beneficent, a goodly company (19:85)."

At that Muhammad (pbuh) felt happy, and he rode forward on the buraq. Jibraeel took hold of the reins while Mikaeel held the saddle, and Israfeel the saddle-cloth. The buraq moved in space until in the blink of an eye they reached the place appointed for their first stop in the middle of the desert. Jibraeel said: "Muhammad, go down and pray to Allah in this place." Muhammad (pbuh) said: "What is this place?" Jibraeel said: "This is the place where you are going to emigrate, and it is going to be your second city." That was the town of Yathrib not far from Mecca, and its name was going to be Madina.

In the blink of an eye they again passed through space until they stopped a second time, and Jibraeel told Muhammad (pbuh) to come down and pray."Which place is this, Jibraeel?" asked Muhammad (pbuh)."This is Sinai, where Musa (Moses) used to speak with Allah."Then the buraq moved in space another time until he reached a third place where Jibraeel ordered him to pray."And now, where are we, Jibraeel?""You are in Bethlehem, where Isa (Jesus) was born and from where he spread the message of the King of heavens and of the earth."

As Muhammad (pbuh) walked with delight on the soil where Isa (Jesus)was born, he felt someone moving near his right shoulder who said:"Muhammad! Wait, I want to ask you a question." But Muhammad (pbuh) did not respond. Then another call came from behind his left shoulder, but again he did not answer it. Finally, an unimaginably beautiful mountain covered with the wealth and beauty of this world appeared infront of him and spoke to him with a human voice, but for the third time Muhammad (pbuh) did not respond. Then he asked Jibraeel about the three voices. Jibraeel said: "If you had listened to the first voiceall your nation would have been corrupted because it is the voice of evil; and had you listened to the second one, all your nation would have been tyrants because it is the voice of Satan. And if you had stopped to hear the decorated mountain all your nation would have preferred this world to the eternal world."

Muhammad (pbuh) continued on his way and saw two beautiful angelic beings, one masculine and one feminine. They wore a beautiful dress and the fragrance of heaven. They kissed him between his eyes and left. He asked Jibraeel who were these two. He said: "These are the believers of your nation. They are going to live in happiness and die in happiness and they are going to enter paradise."

Then another angel appeared to him and offered him three cups to drink: one of water, one of milk, and one of wine. He took the cup of milk and drank, and Jibraeel said: "You have chosen the cup of fitra: innocence." Then a maiden-angel appeared and offered Muhammad (pbuh)three suits of cloth, one green, one white, and one black. He took the first two. Jibraeel said: "White is the colour of believers and green is the colour of paradise. All of your followers are going to be believers in this world and all are going to enter paradise in the next."

Then, as Muhammad (pbuh) was walking on the place where Isa (Jesus) taught, he entered the Temple of Sulaiman (Solomon) in Jerusalem. He found the temple full of angels waiting for him. Every angel in the temple represented a group of angels in paradise. Then he saw all the Prophets (alaihi salaam) standing in rows. He asked Jibraeel who all these were. Jibraeel said: "These are your brothers from among the prophets, and these angels are the leaders of all the angels of paradise." Then Jibraeel made the call to prayer, after which he said: "Muhammad, most honorable of beings in the sight of Allah, proceed to prayer." And Muhammad (pbuh) came forward and led the prescribed prayer, and all the prophets (alaihi salaam) and the angels followed him.

Adam spoke saying: - "Praise be to Allah who created me with His hands and ordered the angels to prostrate for me and brought out all the prophets from among my descendants!"

Then Nuh (Noah) said: - "Praise be to Allah who accepted my prayer and saved me and my people from drowning with my ship with the help of the angels, and honoured me!"

Then Ibraheem (Abraham) said: - "Praise be to Allah who took me as His friend and gave me a huge kingdom, and gave me prophets for descendants, and saved me from the fire of Namrood, and made it cool and safe for me!"

And Musa (Moses) said: - "Praise be to Allah who spoke to me without an intermediary and chose me for His message, and made me victorious over Pharaoh with the help of his angels, and gave me the Torah which Jibraeel taught me how to write, and adorned me with His love."

And Dawood (David) said:- "Praise be to Allah who revealed the Psalms to me, and softened the iron between my hands and all other elements, and chose me for His Message!"

And Sulaiman (Solomon) said:- "Praise be to Allah who has made subject to me the winds, the jinn, and human beings; who taught me the language of birds; who gave me a kingdom which he never gave to anyone after me, and supported me with all his angels."
And Isa (Jesus) said:- "Praise be to Allah who sent me as a Word from Him to the world, taught me the Torah and the Gospel, made me cure the deaf, the dumb, and the leper, made me bring back to life the dead by His permission, and supported me with Jibraeel and all His angels."
And Muhammad (pbuh) said:- "All of you praised your Rabb (Lord) and Ipraise Him also, Who sent me as a M0ercy for human beings and revealed the Quran to me, expanded my breast, took out my sins, raised me up, made my Nation and all human beings the best that could be, and called me 'Kind and Merciful'"!
And Jibraeel said:- "That is why, Muhammad you are the last of Prophets and a Mercy for human beings. Prophets and angels, creations large and small, Allah and His angels send blessings and salutations on His Prophet! You also send much blessings upon him and utmost greetings! Increase your praise. Praise is an angel with two eyes and two wings that flies to Allah directly to ask forgiveness for its reciter until Judgment Day."
Then Muhammad (pbuh) continued on his way, riding on the buraq together with all the angels that came to greet and accompany him.Whenever he passed through a different universe he found the angels ofthat universe gathered to greet and dress him with all kinds of gifts and adornments. They dressed him with the cloaks of perfection and made him the possessor of every beauty.
Then Muhammad (pbuh) heard a very powerful voice coming from Israfeel from behind the veils of Lordly Power and Angelic Perfection: -"Paradises and heavens! Angels! Mountains and trees and oceans and rivers! Moons and suns and stars and planets and constellations! Plunge in to the beauty and perfection of Muhammad (pbuh). Angels and hour is of paradise, walk with pride! Creation, be happy tonight, for we are receiving in our presence the Master of human beings and the Seal of Prophets."
Blessings and Peace on Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions.


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